Lot  209 STKD Bastardo (Customized Icon 800cc Scrambler Ducati)

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    Starting bid ₱800,000.00

Customized by the artisans and craftsmen of the STKD Surf-Moto Customs. With over 15 custom-made changes on this bike, this one of a kind motorcycle is a guaranteed head turner.
Seat - synthetic leather, lowered for a comfortable ride.

Handle bars - lowered for easier maneuvering when parking or steering. The midnight blue tank has a unique design that is rarely seen on any Ducati Scrambler. The headlight plate is motocross inspired and is designed to hide the visible wires.

This custom bike also uses LED lights for better visibility when driving at night. The frame and rim of this bike is custom painted and the chain cover is polished and uses stainless steel for a better look and quality. You can take the Bastardo with you in your adventures or around the city because the tires on this bike can withstand both off-road and highways. The custom exhaust guard and thermal wrap are made to avoid contact with heat and protect your skin from burns. The foot peg of this bike is comfortable to step on and is not slippery compared to other bikes. The exhaust pipe of the Bastardo is what sets this apart from others; with its under the seat design and a loud engine that will surely attract others.


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