Dekada Auctions FAQ


What is Dekada Auction?

Dekada Auctions is orgranized by Dekada Collectibles as a part of its 15th year anniversary. Dekada has held a few live auctions since 2002, either on its own or with partners. The most recent one was HistoryCon Auctions – a partnership with the organizers of HistoryCon.  Also, Dekada has been holding online auctions for its own inventory through


What sort of things will be auctioned off?

We will be auctioning off books, coins, militaria, books, paper money, fine art, memorabilia, bottles, etc. Check out our catalog for the categories of items.

What are the terms and conditions for bidding?

Check out our terms and conditions at

Can I view the auction lots before the bidding starts?

Yes. The auction lots will be available for viewing when Dekada Auction opens its doors at 9am on December 9, 2017.  The lots will be available for viewing at the auction area at the Ortigas Foundation Library, at the 2nd Floor of the Ortigas Building, Ortigas Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.


Refundable Deposit

Why do we need to register and pay the refundable deposit?

You need to register so we know that you are serious in bidding for the item. The deposit is necessary to ensure that only those who are serious in winning any of the items will make bids. The deposit may be claimed right after the auction.

Are there any exceptions in paying the deposit? I have been a long time client of Dekada.

Yes. Bidders with a track record of consistently paying for purchases can be exempted.  Also, collectors and dealers known to the owners of Dekada to be serious buyers are also exempted.

How will I pay for the deposit?

For online auctions, you may pay using Paypal or credit card.  You may also make a deposit to our RCBC Account: Dekada Music Store C/A 0191056752. For other payment arrangements, you may contact us at For live auctions, you can pay in cash, check, Paypal or a credit card hold immediately after registration.


 Onsite and Online Auctions

There is an online auction and there is a live auction. Will there be different items for each auction?

The online auction and the live auction have the same items.  In order to reach the greatest number of bidders, the online auction will run a few weeks before the auction. Then, on December 9, 2017, 1:30 pm, a live auction will be held. The online bids and the live bids will then be synchronized and the highest bidder in both the online and live auctions will be declared the winner.

The online auction end time is 5pm on December 9. Isn’t the live auction on 1:30pm? Which ending time do we follow?

The live auction will start at 1:30pm. The individual auction lots will be called out according to their lot numbers during the live auction, and the auction for each item will end once there are no more higher bids on both the live auction and the online auction.  When a winner is declared, bids are closed for both live bidders and online bidders, and the online auction will be closed before the stated end time.


Phone-in Bids

I cannot make it to the event but I also do not like to bid online. Can I just phone in my bid during the auction?

Yes. You may leave your phone number, and we will give you a call on a best efforts basis when the item you want to bid on is near already.  You may also leave your high bid in advance by filling in the form at the back of the catalog, and then send to us.


Buyer's Premium

What is a buyer’s premium?

It is the percentage amount that will be charged based on the total value of his winnings. For this auction, the buyer’s premium is 15% of the hammer price. For example, if you win a total of P10,000, you will have to pay an additional P1,500.


After winning

I won! How do I pay and how can I get my winnings?

For those present on the floor, they may get their auction winnings immediately after paying in cash, credit card or Paypal. If by check, we will have to wait for it to clear before releasing the item.  If the total winnings are less than the refundable deposit, the amount is offset and the buyer will be given the deposit less the auction winnings. If the winnings are more than the deposit, the buyer will need only pay the amount in excess of the deposit.

I have bid online and I won! How do I pay and get my winnings?

We accept cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards.  You may claim your winnings by appointment or we can ship it to you. We will just charge you for the cost of shipping and handling of the item.

I won! But I do not have enough funds to pay for my winnings within the 3 days period.  Can I ask for an extension?

 Yes, but we reserve the right to charge for storage and interest. All items must be paid within a short time from the auction, or the sale will be cancelled and the refundable deposit will be forfeited.

How can I get my deposit back if I don’t win anything?

For online payments, we will issue you a refund online. Cash or check payments, you may claim immediately after returning your bidding paddle.