Dekada Collectibles, the pioneer online purveyor of Philippine collectibles presents: DEKADA AUCTIONS! Dekada has been selling its items through eBay’s auctions for the past 15 years, and has hosted a few live auctions through the years.  Now it is time for Dekada to branch out on its own, and host its own online and live auctions.  In 2017, Dekada hosted HistoryCon Auctions and Dekada’s 15th Year Auction.

Once again, Dekada is breaking new ground with Salcedo Auctions.  It is co-sponsoring gavel & block editions ii.    It features a wide range of rare and hard to find coins, toys, advertising, collectibles, memorabilia, original comic art, etc.  With the combined efforts of Dekada and Salcedo Auctions, the auction seeks to reach an expanding number of collectors and aficionados worldwide. The price range varies from several hundred to close to a million pesos, a testament that collecting is not just for the well to do, but also for the man on the street.

This bidding portal is user friendly. You can register to the auctions and start bidding using Facebook or Google plus log in. Payment is also integrated with Paypal, credit cards, etc.  Even if you are out of town or out of the country to personally bid during the live auction, you can still bid and we can ship your winnings to you. The online auction portal is set to end 30 minutes before the live auction. All the high bids on the online portal will then be called out as the highest online bid that live bidders must beat to win. Online bidders may continue bidding by registering your mobile number so we can call just before bidding for the items you are interested in starts,  or by leaving a high bid via email 30 minutes before the auction.

The best of luck to everyone and may fortune smile upon you!